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Backup DVD to Hard Drive for Medias, Watch DVD on TV

What do you do most with a DVD ripping program? Below are some basic requirements for a good DVD backup solution from users, where you will see how users eager to backup their DVD colloections to hard drive for medias, especially watch DVD on TV.

DVD has been popular for years and many users have collected a large collection of DVDs. Most users will need a DVD backup solution to backup their DVD collections to hard drive. Generally, these who want to backup DVD to their PC, want to, on one hand keep the DVD safe, and on the other hand, backup DVD collections for medias, that's, simply, for playback or watch DVD on TV.

Why we need to backup DVD collections for medias?

From the above users' requirements, which are also the similar requirements from other users, they mostly backup there large collections of DVD to hard drive. Generally, there are two major reasons for most people.

Can uRex DVD Ripper Platinum make it available to backup DVD collections to hard drive for medias?

Sure! uRex DVD Ripper Platinum offers abundant output video formats for you to backup your DVD collections to hard drive, like SD videos MP4, AVI, MPEG, etc. and HD Videos like HD VOB, HD MKV, HD TS etc.. That makes it really easy for you to backup DVDs for medias and you are able to watch DVD on PC and TV.

Free download uRex DVD Ripper Platinum, install and launch it.

Step 1: Import DVD movie

You can load a DVD Disc or DVD VIDEO_TS folder stored on your hard drive or ISO image file of a DVD simply by clicking the button like a disc or its drop down to add DVD to uRex DVD Ripper Platinum.

Step 2: Select an output format

If you want to backup DVD for medias, say, watch DVD on PC or TV, simply select one of the TV videos as your output video format.

DVD For Media

Step 3: Start backing up DVD to hard drive

Click the "Start" button to begin the backing up process. Time of backing up DVD to PC process will depend on your settings and your computer hareware level.

Once the conversion of backing up DVD for medias is completed, you can transfer the ripped video to TV and watch TV as you like.

You can try the program here:

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