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11 Things You Must Know About Android 4.0

Google released the Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 system in October, two month early ahead the schedule during Christmas 2012 to meet the challenge of the release of iPhone 4S with iOS 5. What are worth anticipating of the Android 4.0? Will our dvd ripper and video converter out of date for it?

1. A single system

Android 4.0 will provide only a version, and supports smart phones,tablets and television equipment at the same time.

2. First-class new UI

Android 4.0 has radically revamped new user interface. This first-class new UI is totally different from the older UIs of Android 2.x and Android 3.x.

3. Hello 4.0

The version number 4.0 simply tells us that it is big upgrade from other Android version. Galaxy Nexus makes the first Android 4.0 phones.

4. Based on Linux kernel 3.0

Linux later updated its kernel to 3.0.1 after release of Linux 3.0.

5. Purchase Music from Android Market

You are able to purchase music in the new system. Along with the release of Google Music, you are going to enjoy a large number of music here. One more to mention, one song free every day! Keep an eye on Google Music.

6. Optimization for multi-core processors

More and more manufacturers are pushing dual-core smart phones. We have no comment on how is the actual effect, but Android 4.0 will be optimized specifically for multi-core processors and even dual-core mobile phone.

7. Up to 1.8 times of Speed improvements than 3.1

Google mentioned this but did not offer us more detail about where it will actually perform. Thus we have no idea if this about the browser, GPU or the entire system. What we need to do is wait. Fortunately, Nexus is coming soon. Whatever, movie watching will be of great fun.

8. Google TV and Chrome OS integrated

It is integrated to be more intelligent for playing. Get your DVD ripper and video converter ready for this?

9. OEM official theme engine

With this engine, you can upgrade these third-party themes through Google's update.

10. A real competitor for Apple's game center

After booming development in 2011, Android has the ability to challenge the Apple’s games center.

11. The new photographic techniques and virtual camera

This will provide developers with a richer camera control API.

As mentioned above, especially number 8, Android 4.0 will not let you down about the movie enjoying. It will be of great fun to enjoy movies on an Android 4.0 devices. So, is your dvd ripper and video converter ready for the coming of Android 4.0?

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