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Adobe Flash quits mobile devices, why it walks dot and carry one?

On present PC world, Flash accounts for the very considerable market Flash accounts for the very considerable market share, but this giant is actually not such bon voyage in mobile equipment's domain. The other day, Adobe Corporation announced the cessation of the Flash plug-in development, and will invest into the HTML5 development. That is really a pity and we have to go and convert videos to our mobile devices?

I believe that many people want to know why Adobe Flash performs such difficulties and quits on mobile devices? Things do not go that bad that we are still able to watch videos online.

  • 1. Poor performance on mobile devices.
  • Though Abode always wants to make Flash better supported on mobile browsers, the result is not that much satisfactory. Learn about the comparative test between Flash and HTML5 here.

  • 2. Lack of strong support.
  • As a major manufacturer of mobile smart phones, Apple has publicly announced Apple would not be compatible with Flash on mobile products. It was undoubtedly a disappointing decision. On the other hand, Google, RIM and other giants also encourages developers to develop applications using HTML5.

  • 3. Flash does not match with the development of the mobile.
  • As we enjoy the convenience of your mobile device, we also hope that there will not be an impact for daily use of the device, however, the use of Flash technology will lead to increase of electricity consumption of your mobile device as well as the system resource consumption.

  • 4. HTML5 fits the trend
  • HTML5 is an open networking standard. Once released, it gets support from Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook, and so on. While on the other hand, according to surveys, website using HTML5 is gradually increasing, number of developers has been growing gradually.

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