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Free DVD Ripper Or Cheap DVD Ripper? It’s up to you!

Free DVD ripper is somehow more attractive that cheap DVD rippers. Handbrake is one of the most popular free DVD rippers in the market. One of the most attractive functions of Handbrake, if you ask me, is the ability to output a universal video for whatever devices you have. Unlike Handbrake, other DVD rippers may able to do more you need.

Free DVD Ripper VS Cheap DVD Ripper, which one do I choose?

If you simply want to rip your dvd collections to mp4, Handbrake offers an easy way to do so. However, if you want to rip your DVDs to, say, Xoom, Galaxy tab, Xperia arc, etc., with a custom aspect ratio to fit t the device’s full screen? It seems helpless on this part.

More importantly, free rippers are not kind of long-time run nowadays, unless they find appropriate way of profits. You surely do not want the DVD rippers you have suddenly stop the service for you.

What if a good DVD ripper can meet your needs like rip DVDs to iPhone 4S, HTC Flyer to playback with full screen, and it is also a cheap DVD ripper? Yes, good but cheap! DVD Ripper Platinum is the one that enables you to convert DVDs to AVI, MP4 and all kinds of devices for playback and it kindly offers a big discount! Besides, this cheap DVD ripper also offers free upgrades to handle the latest Disney copy protections!

How does the Cheap DVD Ripper Work?

DVD Ripper Platinum offers a big discount and a nice and easy UI. All DVD ripping process can be done within 4 steps.

Step 1. Insert your DVDs in the drive, and import it by clicking DVD-like button.

Step 2. Choose one output profile you prefer. There are various output profiles for you and one of them will surely meet your need.

Step 3. (optional) Set the output folder or other settings.

Step 4. Get started! Simply press Start button to begin the ripping process.

How Can I get a discount of uRex DVD Ripper Platinum?

50% discount for a DVD ripper is really a big promotion, and it is only available in this page. You can get this program at only 19.95 USD now! Click here to buy.

And, you are able to get it free here!

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