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iPhone 5 with Nano SIM card | How to can get Nano-SIM card for iPhone 5

2012-09-13 09:15:27 / Posted by John Wade to uRexsoft support@urexsoft.com

[Updated]  Unlocking the iPhone 5

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Unlocks are forever. If you’re planning to unlock an iPhone 5, through this is a bit of a gray area, you can go and pay third parties to process the request. Please be aware that most unlocks are done through carriers. Most carries will offer unlocking service if you are not under contract, like the Verizon iPhone 5, it is actually unlocked.

[Updated]  Apple Offers Nano-SIM Card iPhone 5 - Benefits Overcome Disadvantages.

Smaller than ever, Apple finally released its new iPhone 5 with a nano-SIM card and it is the only coming smart phone to be using such a SIM card. Along with launch of iPhone 5, there is a lot of confusion regarding the use of Nano-SIM cards among people all over of the world.  Practically, the benefits of Nano SIM cards overcome its disadvantages.

Introduced in June 2012 by European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI), Nano SIM card, aka 4FF-4th Form Factor, is 40% smaller (size and thickness) than the regular SIM cards. Thus the advantages are obvious and that’s a significant reason to why the new iPhone 5 could be so slim.

[Updated]  How to can get Nano-SIM card for iPhone 5 | Making your SIM fit in the iPhone 5?

With the launch of iPhone 5, the question that follows fills the Internet: Can you convert a micro-SIM into a nano-SIM? The answer may probably be Yes as there are many articles or video tutorials that teach you how to do so. uRexsoft found one from CNET which seems more reliable as the tray is deep and big enough to accommodate most cards. However, it is actually not yet verified by a real iPhone 5. Anyway, if you want an iPhone 5, you will have to replace your current SIM card. uRexsoft suggests users being more patient as iPhone 5 is only several days away.  We hazard a guess that elecom operators will offer you a nano-sim card for your iPhone 5 free of charge!

[Updated] To be Fisrt iFan to Watch DVD on iPhone 5

4-inch 326ppi retina screen, the lightest iPhone runs iOS 6 with A6 CPU and it supports 1080P video recording. It will be great fun if we could backup and watch DVD movies on the new iPhone 5. uRex iPhone DVD Ripper is good news to all iPhone 5 fans. It a professional windows DVD to the new iPhone 5 ripper helps you rip DVD to the new iPhone 5 MPEG-4, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, MOV, M4V video as well as iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S quickly and easily.

To better benefit users and celebrate the launch of new iPhone 5,  uRexsoft is now giving away its iPhone DVD Ripper.

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[Updated]  What If You Want To Go Back To A Micro-SIM Phone From iPhone 5 With Nano-SIM?

It took years for the micro-SIM standard to reach a consumer and this time Apple only takes a few months to downsize the SIM AGAIN with the release of iPhone 5 with a Nano-SIM card. But what if you want to go back to a micro-SIM phone from iPhone 5? As we all know, you can fit a nano-SIM into a micro slot. So now if you want a micro-sim card phone back, what you need is simply an adapter which is simple plastic insert that your nano-SIM can be docked into, making it fit into larger micro-SIM slots.

An important message comes that Apple has already obtained a patent about the embedded SIM card, which means that the next iPhone may no longer be built-in SIM card slot but is temporarily not clear whether this change will be together with the launch of iPhone 5.

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From the abandonment of Flash and the support of HTML5 to the built-in non-replace battery, Apple has always been a maverick in “standard”. To use Micro-SIM in iPhone 4 is among the individual case. Micro-SIM is a new SIM card size standard by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute in 2010, and Apple applied this new standard to its new product. This ensures the basic function of phones and, in the meanwhile, makes the mobile lighter and thinner. And thus, this new standard may be supported by more and more manufacturers, simply because the world’s first SIM card is as big as a credit card, while now it is much smaller.

But now Apple wants to make further changes that they want to make the card disappear from the phone! More specifically, it is to built in part that can read and write memory chip inside the phone, built-in range of mobile network operators’ information and tools so you can update through iTunes . This is a huge change, because the issuing and changing of physical SIM cause a huge waste of resources and it is not easy to keep. For now, the iPhone can handle this!

To approach this, firstly Apple needs to get enough recognition from operators, who, after all, are the first step for users. Followed, Apple needs to communicate with Authentication Centre Center to get different SIM card encoding rules. In addition to Apple, no manufacturers now have the capability to do a similar attempt. After all, before the iPhone 4 using the Micro-SIM card have been seen as a big adventure.

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