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NFC VS Bluetooth 4.0, Who Will Dominate the Future

uRexsoft brings you the discussion of who will dominate the future, NFC or Bluetooth 4.0?

With the release of Apple iOS 5 and Google Android 4.0, people naturally would like to make a comparison between the two. Although it is hard to tell which is better than another, we could get to know more about the two smart phone systems via the comparison of the system features, advantages and disadvantages, hardwares etc.

Rumor about the iPhone 5 or the next generation of iPhone always says that the NFC communication technology will became part of iPhone and there are really many people expect that. However, the finally released iPhone 4S chose Bluetooth 4.0 as its data exchange method. It is hard to tell which is better from the application point of view.

It is undeniable that the Adroid Beam Android 4.0 brings us not only allows people to share app, web pages , maps , and video connections , etc., through NFC technology , but also it is the future development trend.

This is not only because of the special launch of Google’s Wallet service , but also areas of different systems vendors are beginning to fully join the NFC technology. In particular, the world's largest mobile phone maker Nokia enables the new NFC in mobile phone, which is to let people see the technology trend towards universal access in the future need . Therefore, even if the current iPhone 4S does not provide the NFC, but rumors put it that the next generation iPhone, which must be iPhone 4, will integrate NFC, and there should be no suspense . The difference is that Apple may once again play their strengths in innovation, given the unusual experience.

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