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uRexsoft Fluently Asked Question

1. What payment options are available when ordering your products?

The below payment options are available when you order our products on line. Credit Card,PayPal,WebMoney,AliPay,Bank/Wire Transfer with Invoice
,Fax - Credit Card

2. How long does it take after the payment to deliver the code?

Registration info is automatically sent after the order is successfully validated. It normally takes up to 30 minutes to reach your inbox. Please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@urexsoft.com if you still does not get your registration info after 30 min.

3. How is the CD version of the program available?

Backup CD enables you to quickly reinstall the product you rely upon. Simply Click Add a Backup CD of your Order to the cart. Make sure you entered a valid mailing address.

4. What if I entered a wrong email address for my purchase?

No worried about it, simply contact us at sales@urexsoft.com for help.

5. Can I get an invoice/receipt for my order?

You will receive the receipt you saw online in your email shortly after your order. It may take up to 30 minutes or more depending on your ISP's mail servers. Please keep this email for your records! Feel free to contact the REGNOW support at orders@regnow.com.

6. How can I exchange the right program? Sorry, I purchased the wrong program by mistake.

Simply email sales@urexsoft.com for help. We will be very glad to exchange the right program for you. Email with detailed purchase info and the program you need pls.

7. What is your refund policy?

uRexsoft Inc. will honor the 30 money back guarantee if the refund reason is rational. The refund request for "no reason" or "simply do not like it" and thus things sounds unfair and will be regarded as irrational. For any tech problems, please feel free to contact our Support Department at support@urexsoft.com for help.

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