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Registration and Upgrade Issue

1. What's the difference between Registered and Unregistered version of your software?

There is no limitation of the registered version, while the unregistered version has the following limitations:

a) Each rip is limited to 5 minutes only.

b) Watermarks will be put on the output videos.

Please register/purchase the program to remove the limitation.

2. I lost my software due to my computer crash, please help.

For our purchased consumers, no worries about this and feel free to contact support@urexsoft.com to get original license back. Detailed information of your purchase such as order ID, email address, Customer/User ID, Phone Number or IP address, will make us easier to find your original order and reply ASAP.

3. I have problem register the program, it shows invalid.

Please make sure you have the administration right to run the program. And, as the registration code is long full with letters and numbers, we recommend users to copy and paste the code and make sure there is no space. If there is still problems registering, email us to help.

4. Is there any limitation of the codes? Can it be used on multiple computers?

One license of our program is limited to one computer. For multiple licenses for multiple computers, please feel to email us for a big discount..

5. I wonder if I need to re-register the program after my re-installation?

Yes, you need to re-register our program after the re-installation. Please keep the license code sent to you safe.

6. The program pops up a Window that reads the the license key is invalid, what am I going to do?

Make sure you have the administration right to run the program and enter the code correctly. Besides, make sure you have the upgrades rights. If you are not sure, feel free to sales@urexsoft.com email us with the code for help.

7. How do I check if there is a new version?

The program is defaulted to check new version once a week.

Or, you can simply go to Help-Check New Version.

You will get noticed when there is a new version available.

8. What is your upgrade policy?

Free and lifetime upgrade are offered only for our purchased users.

For giveaway users, you need to purchase the full version in order to enjoy the upgrade.

Ps, whose who win the free & lifetime upgrades are regarded as purchased users..

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