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3 Reasons You Need to Back Up Your DVDs

Watching DVDs on a standalone or software DVD player is our mainly entertainment in nowadays. But why you need to back up your DVDs like backup system and data for your computer? There are 3 good reasons for this.

1. Back up your huge DVD collection for easy organization:

You can organize your DVD collection like library when back up your DVDs on your hard drive. So you can play them from a media server center without the hassle of shuffling DVDs in and out of your DVD player and their jackets. Nothing worse than preparing to watch a favorite movie and then opening the jacket to discover that it is full of air and then spending the next hour looking for the missing DVD.

2. Take DVD on tablet When you travel around the world:

It is boring to travel without DVD movie, especial on the plane, cars, even for a short distance travel. Back up DVD movie on your iPad 2,  iPhone 4S, Xoom,  Galaxy tab  HTC Sensation, HTC Flyer, Droid HD, etc, enjoy it while traveling.

3. Back up DVD avoid scratching & lost:

Do you worry about DVD getting scratched or lost? If yes, please take care of them for your fragile and expensive DVD library. And kids usually play the DVD disc like toys (They just thought it was), they are too brutal with them and scratch them.

What DVD ripping software do you need?

Today I am going to recommend a powerful DVD ripping application--uRex DVD Ripper Platinum for backup DVDs. Not only a professional yet easy-to-use DVD ripping application that helps you rip your DVD movies to whatever video or audio files

Key Features of uRex DVD Ripper Platinum

  • Rip DVD to the most popular Video Formats.
  • Rip DVD to All Popular Devices.
  • Easy and rich Video Editing Features.
  • High Speed DVD Ripping.

More information about uRex DVD Ripper

Where do you download it: http://www.urexsoft.com/down/setup-urex-dvdripper.exe

How to use it? Very simple only a few clicks, below is the guide. http://www.urexsoft.com/dvd-ripper/user-guide.html#1

References: http://www.urexsoft.com/dvd-ripper/reference.html#1

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